BREAK A LEG AMBER AND JENNA ♥ #hairatthebowl

When are we going to get a blonde character that isn’t stupid, drunk or constantly mean to a brunette?

I really love Rachel singing ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’, but honestly, her breath control on the song is awful. At one point, it became hard for me to listen to the song because all I could hear was her taking deep breaths.

Part of me wishes that Quinn and Puck would have kept Beth and raised her together. I know giving her up was for the best, but a small part of me still hoped.

Marley irritates me so much and i don’t even know why.

Anonymous asked: It might be in your best interest to not allow Amber to answer questions. Her language easily puts your blog at risk to be reported to tumblr and deleted. You might want to read the new bylaws.

Well to be honest, I haven’t seen anything in Amber’s replies that would put us “at risk to be reported”. I think she handles things just fine, maybe with a touch of sarcasm (which, I can understand may not be some people’s cup of tea and they aren’t able to handle it) but I really don’t think her answers are anything worth fretting over. Plus, I highly doubt Tumblr’s going to care about us tbh. Seriously, if Ultrateenwolfconfession hasn’t been taken down (and this isn’t any hate towards the admin of that page or anything. I’m just saying, a lot of people are really angry over that blog, have tried to get it taken down, and Tumblr hasn’t seem to have done anything about it.) then I think we should be alright. :)


I miss Matt Rutherford! Bring Matt back!

Will Sherrod is Chris’ boyfriend, not Darren. And it will never be Darren. get over it.

Naya candids are so amazing. Like, damn! 😍😍😍

Chris Colfer is great, Naya Rivera is great, Heather Morris is great, Amber Riley is great. The rest? Not so great.