Once upon a time, Glee introduced younger audience to great, classic generations of music: Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Queen etc. Then they covered Gangdam Style and What Does The Fox Say. Note the difference.

I hate what they did to Glee NY was sych a waste of time

Blake Jenner is the worst actor in the all world

S4 Rachel is my favourite. She looked beautiful, was the most mature she has been throughout the entire show, was for one moment not distracted by Finn - and, she had Cassandra July to challenge her. Cassie was the perfect character for Rachel, because she pushed her. None of this “Rachel is a precious snowflake, and is handed Broadway shows and TV Pilots” shit. No, Rachel was truly admirable in S4, because she NEVER gave up on her dream.

I want Martana

The funniest performance would always be Blaine singing it’s not right but it’s ok just because of the reactions of the class..

I only plan on watching season 6 episodes that have Naya. She’s the only thing I enjoy anymore, because everyone else I liked is gone.

I will always love Heather Morris the most.

I hate how everyone’s complaining about Rachel’s runaway success, but nobody says a thing about Mercedes. Like, the girl sold ONE album to ONE person, and suddenly, she becomes a pop star ? Yeah, right.

I think Kurt, Blaine & Klaine will the the only things I’ll miss about Glee when it’ll end.