Blaine obviously doesn’t care about Kurts health since they haven’t gotten tested after the cheating and the way he basically trying to trick and peer-presser Kurt into eating just as unhealthy as he does.

Santana Lopez and Naya Rivera have my heart

I want Barbra Streisand to guest star in Glee as Santana’s aunt. Just for irony.

I want Miranda Hart and David Walliams to guest star on the show as Brittany’s parents!

The best thing about Glee is the Glee Kink Meme. You guys are diiiiiiiirrrrrty.

I’d like Blaine to come out as a straight man and marry Sue. That’s the only Glee ending I’ll accept.

I’m yet to find a human being who makes me want to rip my intestines out of my stomach and strangle more than I do Lea Michele. She’s a great gal and all, but she is annoying as fuck.

When Kurt and Blaine get married they should have a red theme. Red suits, red flowers, red centrepieces. A ‘red wedding’ if you will. Wink.

Sam asked Mercedes friends if there hair was weave. Then assumed all black people knew each other. Yet Mercedes is getting called out for the big R word, not because of what she thinks but because she’s worried about what her fans and the world may think? LOL. Okay.

You know what would spice up Glee in New York? Blaine could start a satirical blog of sass and bitchiness under the pseudonym ‘Gossip Girl’.